COVID-19 Data Exploration Tool

This is a visualization/exploration tool for COVID-19 related data.

From the left menu, choose a dataset to explore. Then select variables to plot from available choices.

Click on a datapoint to see the details below.

data points near click


data source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

updated: 2021-1-4

visualization samples

When you select COVID-19 Hotline Data as dataset, Number of Calls to Hotline as x variable, Number of PCR Tests Conducted as y variable, and Prefecture as color, you get this plot.

You can click on any point of your interest. For example, if you click on the circled point, the details of the data point will be displayed. In this case, the point belongs to Saitama , where many hotline calls are received but not so many PCR tests are conducted compared to other prefectures. This might mean that Saitama has a lower PCR test capacity for the population, stricter criteria for PCR testing, or possibly that people in Saitama are more anxious and calling the hotline a lot (which I doubt).